Positive Intelligence

Most attempts to increase performance or fulfilment soon fizzle.  Think about it.  Why do we revert to old habits shortly after our exciting new workshops, books, or pep talks?  Why do team retreats result only in temporary bumps in teamwork and performance?  Why is happiness from new achievements so fleeting?  Why do the nagging voices of anxiety in our head keep returning?

The answer… sabotage.  Your mind is not only your best friend, but also your worst enemy.  It secretly harbors “Saboteurs” that cause most of your setbacks.  You can change that.

Positive Intelligence is the groundbreaking new science and practice that measures and improves the percentage of time your mind is serving you versus sabotaging you.  With increased Positive Intelligence score (PQ), teams and professionals ranging from leaders to sales people typically perform 30-35% better.  They also experience far less stress and greater fulfilment along the way.