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Women’s Leadership Development

Benefits of participating in the WLDP

  • Greater awareness of the impact of behaviours, attitudes and intentions behind your communication.
  • Enhanced understanding of gender differences in communicating, and how to ensure positive impact based on sound principles of leadership communication.
  • Better application of leadership skills to manage change effectively.
  • Greater self-confidence and skill in communicating at all levels of management, including with senior managers.
  • Stronger leadership impact on teams, improved team morale and talent management.
  • Compelling influencing skills
  • Greater confidence in handling difficult situations proficiently.
  • The ability to continue to build your profile within the organisation and make the most of future promotion opportunities.
  • Greater understanding of the priorities of the Business.
  • Tools and techniques that will
    help save time, reduce pressure, build effective relationships and bring positive outcomes.
  • Improved results.