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MBTI Type profiling

MBTI Step I and Step IIMBTI-Logo:  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most trusted and widely used individual and team profiling tool in the world.

It is easy to understand, straight forward to complete and provides instant access to a powerfully perceptive pool of resources for building better relationships, improving interactions between teams and individuals and driving positive change.

The powerful framework informs high performance strategies and enables organisations, teams and individuals to maximise their potential through increased self awareness, understanding of others, tolerance, flexibility and initiative.

Using MBTI as the foundation, Create-i provide workshops, coaching and facilitated learning supporting skills development in the following critical leadership and team behaviours.

little man Leadership
little man Coaching
little man Communication
little man Conflict
little man Decision Making
little man Innovation
little man Change
little man Team development