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Since 2007, Create-i has worked with 14 clients across the globe and developed long-lasting relationships in the process. Our priority is to tailor programmes and facilitation to benefit the organisation, team or individual and enable them to be the best that they can be. 

I will be taking so much away so much from this course.
Presenting with Impact
2018 Participant
This is the best course I have ever had. Fiona is a really great trainer and coach. I had a lot of expectations for this course and I really feel like these have been fulfilled, even if it's just the beginining!
Nordic Franchisee Consultant Development Programme
2019 Participant
This has been an amazing course that has really helped me come out of my shell. I really feel like I can start being a better leader at work.
Managers' Coaching Programme
2019 Participant
[This course has] impacted me not only in a work context but also personally - I just feel more fulfilled and happy. If needed to present (where I used to be terrified) I am now welcoming those kinds of opportunities.
Women's Leadership Development Programme
2013 Participant
I am full, excited, happy, challenged and ambitious.
Nordic Franchisee Consultant Development Programme
2019 Participant